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Wigs for Cancer Patients

The thought of hair loss due to the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment can be devastating.  Following are some guidelines you my want to consider before starting your treatment: 
cancer patient wigs
  • Consult with your physician - If your physician advises that your treatment will cause hair loss, request a prescription for a "hair prosthesis" for your insurance company.  Most insurance companies will cover wigs when needed for medical purposes.
  • Consult with your hair stylist - Your hair dresser knows you and your hair, and can probably recommend a certain style and color.  
  • Consider changing your current hair style - You may want to consider a shorter cut during your treatment period since the weight of longer hair may cause it to fall out sooner.
  • Start your wig search before you actually start your treatment - This early search gives you the opportunity to become accustomed to your wig, and have it readily available when you do begin hair loss.  You may choose to not wear a wig all of the time.  You have many options;  hats, scarves and small hairpieces (bangs and side pieces) that fit under hats. 
selecting a wig

How to Select a Wig

There are several things to consider when choosing the wig that is right for you:  Human hair, synthetic hair, short, long,  machine made or hand made.
Synthetic hair or human hair - Most people prefer synthetic hair because as a general rule they are easier to care for and far less expensive.  They look, feel and move just like human hair, and the best part is they're not affected by humidity.  They maintain their original style and will always look great!  If you find a wig that is the perfect cut and color for you, but needs to be trimmed a bit, this can absolutely be done.  The synthetic fibers can be cut just like human hair.  
The advantage of human hair wigs is that they look and feel like your natural hair.  They can also be colored OR permed (NOT BOTH).  The biggest disadvantage is that they react to humidity just like your natural hair does -- it either goes flat or frizzes.  
wig construction
Wig Construction - The construction of a wig is just as important as the type of hair used to make it.  A quality synthetic wig would be preferred over a poorly made human hair wig.  There are three types of wig constructions:  custom, hand-made and machine made.  
Style - Some patients use this as a time to experiment with a number of different looks while others just want a wig that looks like their own hair.  Keep in mind that no wig can replicate the exact way your hair blends into your skin, but  we will work with you to find the look that is perfect for you.
Color - Whether you are matching your own hair color or thinking of something different, try going a shade lighter.  It will help offset skin tone.  Be sure you get the color you want.  Look at the wig in natural light.  And, look at the quality of the color as much as depth. 
Other Necessities - In addition to the wig, you will also need some supplies:  a head form to store your wig on, cleaning products for synthetic hair (shampoo, conditioner and hair spray), a rubber-tipped wig brush and a wig cap.  We have everything you'll need.

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